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EllyMental Jewellery - Moon Brooch

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Sleepyhead moon face brooch by EllyMental Jewellery. 

  • 4 cm x 4 cm 
  • Paper and resin construction 
  • Metal pin 

EllyMental jewellery is the Welsh jewellery brand owned by Elly Englefield.  Her handmade pieces are made from recycled papers and metals.  Elly draws her designs and turns them into jewellery through a long process of layering paint, glue and resin to create lightweight yet sturdy brooches, pendants, and earrings.  It is a unique process that Elly has evolved over time.

 ‘Based on things I love my jewellery is inspired by animals and creatures of all kinds from bees to dinosaurs also literature, song lyrics, flowers and mermaids. I love David Bowie too and you'll see references to him from time to time.’